Celebrating over 100 patents!

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Celebrating our most recent inventors.

Innovation is a key part of Televic’s DNA. One way we innovate? Patents. We’re pleased to announce that we’ve achieved a milestone, Televic has been granted over 100 patents worldwide.

This milestone is due to our commitment to innovation and our investment in research and development. With each patent we further our competitive advantage and expand our expertise in communication technology across our four niche markets: conference, education, healthcare & rail.

We wanted to put the spotlight on all of our patents – that’s why we’ve installed a new innovation wall at Televic’s headquarters in Belgium, where we can share with pride our inventors, our patents and the countries where they haven been granted.

Congratulations to all of our inventors – keep on innovating!

Curious about our patents? Three of our inventors took on the challenge to explain their patent in under 60 seconds! Check out the results below

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