Product & Project Management

Working at Televic

Internal mobility


behind great products stand great teams 

As a company that designs products and technology that has a revolutionary impact across wide-reaching industries, there is a lot riding on our Product and Project Management. Our success is contingent on building the right product for the right market and creating real value. This entails understanding what to build, why to build it, and how to position it. 

Behind all our great products stand great teams. For our brand, treating every touchpoint with the same care, the same attention to detail, and the same focus on value to customers is not only a tremendous challenge, but also a huge opportunity.

Being part of the Televic Healthcare team means working in a vibrant environment with engaged colleagues, always ready to team up!
As a Product Manager, you work in close contact with Sales, Marketing and R&D and you get the autonomy to help shape the future of the healthcare portfolio.
Willem Vercruysse
Product Manager Televic Healthcare

Understanding customer requirements

In collaboration with R&D, sales and marketing, Product Managers need to stay in close contact with customers and their niche markets to ensure that everything comes together to create an incredible product. By identifying trends and needs, they translate this information into new and innovative solutions that further strengthen Televic as a worldwide reference in critical communication.


From ideation to product launch and back to product retirement, Product Managers are responsible for the entire product lifecycle. This is where a clear roadmap becomes invaluable in setting and achieving objectives. To build the future vision for a product and product range, they must keep their ear to the ground and be on the lookout for the next emerging technology that will impact the industry. 


When it comes to the art and science of developing worthy products, it is essential that they stay relevant. Being effective means making the right decisions not only for the short-term, but also to ensure the long-term sustainability of the company through innovation. This means that in practice, our Product Managers are actively future-oriented and uniquely positioned to have 360-degree view of the company, its product and its entire product portfolio.

project management 

aligning people and processes to build great products 

At Televic, Project Management means the ability to get people moving in the same direction to get things done. This savvy has served us well for many decades now as we have been delivering reliable products and systems to satisfied customers worldwide… over and over again. As a technology leader across four niche markets, our project managers have learned what it takes to push a project across the finish line.

Keeping a project on track from start to end involves managing a lot of spinning plates. Our project managers are brilliant at this because they have a firm grasp of the process, not just the product and systems. Armed with outstanding communication skills, they are as comfortable talking to installers and end customers as with internal support, sales and R&D teams. Aside from planning, executing and delivering big-picture items, they can also deep dive into details. Also comfortable with ambiguity, they are willing to shift, shape and reshape the process to meet the most stringent requirements.