Intelligent alarm distribution, workflows & insights

Get the right message to the right person at the right time

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Intelligent alarm distribution & workflows

Every day, healthcare professionals are faced with a high volume of alarms and events, many of which do not require action. This can lead to stress, alarm fatigue and in worst case scenario, critical alarms can be missed.

Intelligent alarm distribution and events are the cornerstone for an optimized way of working. The AQURA platform was designed to add extra context to every provided alarm or event in such a way that the alarm is being allocated to the right person, with the right priority at the right place.

  • Why should a cleaning alarm be sent to all staff members and not directly to the cleaning team?
  • Why should a nurse be called if a patient needs transport and not the logistics team?
  • Why should a nurse still receive low priority alarms while being occupied?

To conclude, the AQURA intelligent alarm distribution module allows you to reduce alarm fatigue, and optimize your way of working. As a result, staff can do more, and better, with less, which increases quality of care, staff satisfaction, patient safety and reduces operational costs.

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Different workflows 

Alarm workflow, communication & collaboration

Smart alarm allocation to one staff member or a group


Cascading of alarms


Dynamic regimes (day/night)

Operational workflow in the organization

Cleaning workflows


Transport workflows


Care registration


Service calls

Care workflow


Incontinence management


Sanitary reminders


Care timers



Reduce administration & operational costs


Reduce alarm fatigue & avoid missed alarms


Increase patient & staff safety, satisfaction and quality of care 

Get insights via dashboards

Get insights via dashboards



Turn data into information

AQURA reporting and dashboarding is unique. Why? Because it consolidates all data from Televic and third party devices. This gives you the chance to make data-driven decisions, to maximize safety and efficiency at work and create a stress-free environment.

Created by staff for staff 

We conducted a lot of research and talked to many staff members in the care and cure market. Their feedback was the starting point for the development of our dashboards:

  • Patient/resident dashboard: shows why alarms are activated
  • Staff dashboard: provides insights on unplanned care, offering a starting point for improvements



Our dashboards enable you to:


Optimize staff efficiency & increase quality of care


Monitor key performance indicators (KPI)


Get insights & organize unplanned care

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