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AQURA Essentials

Your entry level nurse call system 

  1.  Reliable & safe nurse call system
  2. User-friendly for nurse, technician & patient/resident
  3. Innovative thanks to advanced technology & design
  4. Robust high quality materials
  5. Easy upgradeable to the AQURA Care platform 

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AQURA Care platform 

All-in-one open communication platform

  1. Personal alarming & room accurate localization
  2. Nurse call & workflow triggers
  3. Intelligent alarm distribution, workflows & insights
  4. Open platform & integrations 


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What makes AQURA Essentials unique 

​​​​​​Plug and play: very easy to install

No server needed

​​​​​​​No server needed

​​​​​​Capacity up to 40 rooms per ward controller

Hands-free digital intercom

Identification of call per bed  

​​​​​​Different alarm types: normal, pull out, sanitary, monitoring, (sanitary) assistance, medical

What makes our Aqura platform unique 

Televic Healthcare digital intercom

Low infrastructure cost and easy, fast installation

Personal alarming resident

Personalized, intuitive user experience

Nurse badging

Modular and scalable solution

Televic Healthcare personal tag waterproff

High quality materials: anti-bacterial, shock/UV resistant 
Tags: waterproof (IP67) with rechargeable battery

Dashboarding: Valuable insights shared between nurses

Valuable insights in patient/resident and staff data

Televic Healthcare personal call & room level accurate localization

Hybrid indoor person localization solution combining RF and non-RF technologies

Get a glimpse of the main differences 

Have a look at our comparison table between AQURA Essentials & the AQURA Care platform

AQURA Essentials nurse call system can evolve with your needs by connecting it to the full AQURA care platform at any point in time. It can be done without changing any infrastructure in your ward.

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