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The components of AQURA Essentials

AQURA Essentials integrates all components of a nurse call system into a user-friendly, accessible and wired communication platform. These elements form the foundation of a dependable infrastructure for your healthcare facility, ensuring seamless interaction between staff and patients. With easy installation and a durable design, AQURA Essentials delivers long-term reliability for your institution's communication needs.

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Modular clickable units for all Healthcare Needs

Install your ward in no time

Our modular units are versatile and adaptable, making it easy to customize the system to meet the unique needs of each care facility. What sets AQURA Essentials apart is its plug-and-play functionality, which means that installation can be completed in no time. Simply connect the desired modular units, and auto-assign them with a single click on the button. 

Every unit has an integrated finding and reassurance light, offering more comfort. Because there are no dirt gaps, the UV and disinfectant resistant units are easy to clean.

Overdoor light with 
integrated room hub

  • Clear distinction of alarms: 4 LED colors
  • Intelligent fall back to room mode in case of system failure

Smart intercom

  • Full duplex SIP audio: quality up to 5 m
  • Echo cancellation & noise suppression

Nurse presence and
call cancellation unit

  • Nurse call forwarding via audio notification
  • Concaved call button: avoiding unintended calls

Call unit for normal, sanitary
or assistance call

  • Concaved call button: avoiding unintended calls

Pull cord unit for sanitary,
normal or assistance calls

  • IP54 rating with a sealed frame
  • Adjustable plastic pull cord with weak link integration for maximal safety & damage prevention

Smart single outlet with call &
cancellation button

  • Call cancellation at bed level
  • Pull out alarm when connector is removed 
  • Money saving magnetic auto-release socket 

Smart unit for
medical alarm

  • Medical or reanimation alarm
  • Concaved call button: avoiding unintended calls

innovative push pears for more patient comfort

Money saving monitoring cable 

  • Monitoring cable with magnetic auto-release socket
  • Reliable connection: gold plated contact pins
  • Third party integration (e.x. blow/pedal/cushion switch) through monitoring cable

Central components

Smart ward controller

The ward controller is the control and communication unit of the AQURA Essentials system:

  • Capacity of up to 40 rooms per ward
  • Ability to split the ward in 2 branches for extra reliability
  • Fallback mechanism to room mode in case the ward controller gets isolated from the system
  • Easy room assignment: no programming needed


The AQURA Essentials web based application visualizes the 4 highest priority alarms, on the display of your choice:

  • Show the duration each call has been active
  • Repeat a sound rhythm of the most prioritize call
  • Mute the sound rhythm in case it is disturbing
Fr nurse call phone

Nurse station touch phone

A user-friendly phone with an interactive touch interface, showing all active alarms:

  • Automatic prioritization of alarms with waiting time
  • Direct intercom conversation with the patient
  • Day and night regime for audio volumes
  • Runs on Android, ensuring a smooth and intuitive handling

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Selecting a nurse call system can be challenging for healthcare organizations, especially when it is for a single ward or multiple independent wards and when needs may evolve over time. Let us help you with your choice and discover all the features of AQURA Essentials.

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