Televic Healthcare AQURA Care platform real time localization


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AQURA Care platform


    The AQURA Care platform is an open care communication platform that is modular and allows you to combine nurse call, alarm distribution, workflows, dashboarding and personal alarming with indoor localization, plus the chance to interconnect with the rest of the world. Not only that, you can do everything in one platform. Designed to suit our ever-faster changing world, AQURA is scalable and upgradable, giving you a complete solution, right now and in the future. As an open platform, AQURA allows third-party devices such as cameras or wearables to trigger an alarm or event.

    Choose for a single platform and enjoy:

    • One single user interface
    • One clear overview with all alarms & events, even from third party devices
    • Data-driven decisions

    What makes our Aqura platform unique 

    Televic Healthcare digital intercom

    A low infrastructure cost and very easy and fast to commission

    Personal alarming resident

    Humanizes the technology making it personalized and very easy and intuitive to use

    Nurse badging

    A modular and scalable solution

    Televic Healthcare personal tag waterproff

    High quality materials: anti-bacterial, shock/UV resistant 
    Tags: water proof (IP67) with rechargeable battery

    Dashboarding: Valuable insights shared between nurses

    Valuable insights in patients/residents and staff data

    Televic Healthcare personal call & room level accurate localization

    A hybrid indoor person localization solution combining RF with non-RF based technologies