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We are constantly looking for new exciting opportunities to advance our company and keep ourselves at the head of the industry for the benefit of our clients.

innovation is fundemental to our success

For Televic innovation is of utmost importance: it enables us to offer products and services that really create added value.

  • Out of all the people Televic Healthcare employs: 1 out of 5 works in R&D.
  • 15% of Televic annual turnover is invested in R&D.
  • Televic Healthcare has registered more than 30 patents and awards, making it a leading specialist for healthcare communication systems.
  • Our senior management follows a structured roadmap process to capture market insights fast.
  • Our product management and innovation teams are constantly working on cutting-edge technology.
  • 80% of our turnover comes from products developed in the last 5 years.
  • Our teams are constantly challenged and motivated via participation to brainstorm sessions, possibility for training or guidance of theses and internships. Inspiring events give opportunity to networking with peers.


Innovation through collaboration

To stay on top of innovation, we collaborate internationally with universities, technology centers and research labs. Furthermore we foster collaboration with other R&D driven companies to share and boost our knowledge.


About imec

Interuniversity Microelectronics Centre is an international Research & Development organization, active in the fields of nanoelectronics and digital technologies.

About Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship is the contact point for entrepreneurs in Flanders. We encourage and support innovation and entrepreneurship, and contribute to a favorable business climate. 

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