TRACK-ED targets a smart real time Emergency Department (ED) flow management tool.

This tool will allow hospitals to optimize the day-to-day flow management of the varying patient stream in the ED. How? By supporting the operational planning and flows of the department, by combining real time location system (RTLS) data with information present in the Hospital Information System and deriving actionable insights from it.

Televic Healthcare innovation emergeny


The goal is to develop a demonstrator – deployed in the ED of UZLeuven - that can automatically track the location of both patients and healthcare professionals at the ED and to research the efficiency, accuracy, feasibility and acceptability. This tracking data will be aggregated with known medical data and personnel data used in real life ED settings. This merged data is the foundation of a data intelligence layer used to derive and calculate important metrics of the operational KPI’s in the ED, presented via interactive dashboards in order to optimize flows. In that way the project assesses feasibility & integration of the tracking system, while addressing user acceptability.

AQURA Care platform

Within TRACK-ED, Televic Healthcare will enhance its AQURA Care platform by improving its RTLS system to steer workflows in hospitals leveraging real time tracking data & enriched communication. This will make AQURA 2.0 the preferred solution for:

  1. monitoring patients via nurse call, location and sensor data
  2. providing actionable insights & improved communication tools for care professionals
  3. steering workflows to achieve better quality-of-care and reduction of cost

TRACK-ED is project and is supported by VLAIO.
THC collaborates with UZLeuven and Hict.