Continuous Learning

We are firm believers that no matter who you are or the position you are in, you should never stop learning. Take a look at some of the many training possibilities our colleagues can benefit from. 

Training options for all colleagues 

Whether you are taking the first step in your career or a seasoned professional, are on a laser focused expertise path or in a more general role, we are pleased to offer training possibilities that all colleagues can grow from. Ultimately we understand that when our colleagues grow, Televic grows too.

In a nutshell, you can look forward to some of the following possibilities:

  • Onboarding training
  • Expert training 
  • Leadership training
  • Flexible online training
  • Inspirational speakers and events

Onboarding training

A part of a comprehensive onboarding process 

While any colleague's onboarding will be met with guidance from HR and an in-depth training to their specific team, a fundamental part of our onboarding are our "White Blackbird" sessions. With it's namesake from the rare bird, it brings together all recent joiners from the different teams to get an in depth look into all of our activities at Televic with topics ranging from:

  • get to know how Televic works by hearing from the teams themselves
  • product/system demonstrations for each of our niche markets
  • strategy sessions from our CEOs
  • ... and so much more to learn!

Expert Training

Technological leadership

Joining Televic means joining teams with rich expertise. From a growth perspective, we’re dedicated to ensure experts stay sharp in complex environments. This is why we’ve developed specific expert programs that focus on technical and behavioral competencies.

We also encourage our colleagues to take part in postgraduate programs on topics that keep us at the cutting edge of innovation, like AI, supply chain, etc. in collaboration with leading universities. 

leadership programs 

A company’s success and its leadership go hand in hand. At Televic, we strive to foster strategic, self-directed management, where every individual can leverage their talents and competencies to contribute to a successful team.

Our leadership training are open to anyone in a manager or team lead position and focus on five essential building blocks of a leader:

  • Trust
  • Conflict
  • Commitment
  • Accountability
  • Results

Flexible online learning

Aside from our specific learning programs with formal instructor led sessions, we also give our employees fast flexible solutions when it comes to training. We offer Udemy for business: an online platform with an extensive offering of quality technical and soft skill training is available to all employees 24/7 in just a couple clicks! 

Inspirational Speakers and events

We have a lot of diverse expertise in house, so we encourage knowledge sharing events, hosted by Televic or external.

  • Internally we've hosted initiatives like our biannual Tech Day, which is a day full of inspiring sessions from key-note speakers about the latest developments in innovation and technology. 
  • If there is a external event event (conference,seminar, etc) related to your field, we encourage our people, in alignment with their team lead, to attend.
AI was always a "final frontier" for me: a research field with seemingly endless possibilities where there is still much to discover. This year Televic gave me the chance to lift a tip of the AI veil through the postgraduate "Artificial Intelligence" at KU Leuven. I grabbed this opportunity with both hands. Thank you Televic, I'm excited for the future!
Pieter Pangat
Software Engineer

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