Marketing & Sales

Working at Televic

A brand to be proud of


Staying true to our values 

At Televic, we have a brand that we can be proud of. For more than 75 years, we have built expertise across four niche markets and have delivered reliable products and systems to customers across the world. What has guided us throughout these years? Staying true to our values

  • Innovation
  • Agility
  • Sustainability 
  • No-nonsense 

Our marketing colleagues are dedicated to raising awareness about the potential of our products to prospective customers. 

What I enjoy about my job is the variety of topics I work on: website management, social media, email marketing and advertising. This means that every day promises diversity, depending on the stage of each project. I also work closely with Product Management and Sales so I learn more about our products and solutions every day.
Fiorella Vera
Marketeer for the Rail Market
What I like a great deal about Televic is the no-nonsense, collaborative working culture. As a marketeer, I have the freedom to take responsibility and instigate new initiatives that will help shape Televic’s future. This atmosphere of collaboration and autonomy is extremely rewarding.
Koen Vromant
Marketeer for the Education market


Respect turns customers into reliable partners 

How do we ensure our customers are happy? It is a winning combination of robust solutions and systems of the highest quality and a deep knowledge of the needs of our customers and the market all lead to sustainable business practices and satisfied long-term customers.

At Televic, we make sure the voice of the customer is not only heard, but listened to and respected. We achieve this through a host of avenues. For instance, involving end users in new product development workshops and holding Customer Experience Programs to learn how our customers experience our services. 


I have the chance to travel the world meeting customers and visiting conference rooms in the most prestigious governmental and institutional buildings. Our primary objective is to convince potential clients that our conference solutions are the most advanced and innovative on the market.
Jurgen Van Muylder
Sales for the Conference market