Hands-on expert training


Become a true AQURA-expert during this hands-on training at our HQ.
Learn how to connect, commission and configure our devices.


What can you expect?

  • 3-day practical course from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at our HQ
  • Sandwich lunch foreseen by Televic Healthcare
  • Choose your language: Dutch, English or French

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Would you like to join our hands-on expert training of AQURA?
We still have available spots for the course running from:

  • September 3rd to 5th
  • October 8th to 10th
  • November 5th to 7th
  • December 3rd to 5th

Let us know if you'd like to reserve a place for any of these sessions!
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What is on the agenda? 


Day 1

  • Televic corporate introduction
  • AQURA platform
    • prerequisites
    • Hands-on : server installation
      • Installation of AQURA Care platform
      • Installation of the ASA tool
  • AQURA License
    • License model
    • How to apply for a license
    • Tech support license 
  • AQURA wireless wearables
    • Localization with wearables  
    • Hands-on:
      • Devices configuration: RM-communicator & area beacon
      • Draw a plan & add devices to the plan
      • Configuration of the wearable system (residents, profiles, staff, roles, zones, labels)
      • Test scenarios: call only, wandering, door control
      • History in AQURA wireless & wired
      • Backup of the system
  • AQURA flow
    • AQURA flow in general 
    • Hands- on:
      • Basic configuration: modules Android & Carecom
      • Users, groups, routes, scenarios
      • Create scenarios for wandering & care call
      • Connect a mobile device to AQURA flow: installation & configuration of AQURA app
      • Logging and backup


Day 2

  • AQURA wireless nurse call
    • Hands-on:
      • Create wards& rooms
      • Input extender: connection, commissioning & configuration
      • Wireless call & cancellation unit: connection, commissioning & configuration
      • Wireless room hub: connection, commissioning & configuration.
      • Device profiles: system with & without cancellation registration
      • Annotation manager
  • AQURA flow
    • Hands-on:
      • ​​​​​​Configuration of modules: signage, camera, fault
      • Text-to-speech
      • Dynamic and static actions (camera, dial)
      • Scenarios for nurse call: normal call, sanitary, assistance (room & staff), fault


Day 3

  • AQURA flow
    • Hands-on:
      • Configuration of modules: corridor display, ddam, ESPA in, REST in
      • Users , groups, routes, scenarios
      • Install & configure AQURA apps on a Grandstream nurse station
  • AQURA wired
    • Hands- on:
      • Installation & configuration of a ward controller
      • Configure a SIP client for the nurse station
      • Commissioning of wired devices
    • Hands-on:
      • Installation & configuration in a ward/room
  • Final assessment 

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