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AQURA Essentials is innovative

A world of advanced technology & design

That AQURA Essentials is limited to the core components of nurse call does not mean that you lose out on innovation or high-tech development. This product range packs an incredible amount of advanced technology, making this solution a valuable tool to beat future challenges.

AQURA Essentials, the core of nurse call

Advanced technology and communication expertise, brought together by ambition and refined to the essence. Meet AQURA Essentials, the versatile entry level nurse call system of Televic Healthcare. A budget friendly answer to the current challenges of healthcare organizations, with advantages for every stakeholder.

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Crystal clear speech

The digital intercom system provides a high-end audio quality from up to 5 meters, including echo cancelling and noise suppression.

Smart testing tools

After wiring and mounting all the components, a built-in cable test ensures proper cabling. The rest of the set-up only requires our telescopic magnet.


and safe nurse call system

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for nurse, technician and patient / resident

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thanks to the advanced technology and design


high quality materials designed for care and cure environments

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to the full AQURA care platform

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Backed by 70 years of
expertise in healthcare

This purified product range is the result of a thorough development process combined with years of experience in healthcare. The solid foundations go back even way further. Manufacturer Televic has been specializing in communication technologies since 1946.

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