La Chartreuse, Liège (BE)

La Chartreuse located in Liège, offers space for 150 inhabitants and 9 short stays. The residential care centre La Chartreuse is a part of Vulpia.

The residential care centre has 175 room terminals to improve its communication.
La Chartreuse uses the interAxio nurse call system and Axio Mobility. Badges are used for a check-in of the nursing staff.

Due to the investments made in Televic, La Chartreuse benefits from the technology and has more time to invest in its residents.

Facts & Figures

Construction Facts:

Client: Vulpia Real Estate
Architect: Architecte Associé
Engineering office: TG
Beds: 150
Surface: 11.140 m²
Completion: 2016


Nurse Call System Figures:

Platform: interAxio
Room terminals: 175


Axio Mobility:  

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