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R&D at Televic 

Shift and shape the world of tomorrow

As a global company driven to stay ahead of the curve, our R&D teams are critical to our success. With many of the best minds in the business, we are proud of our 237 engineering colleagues worldwide. From software and hardware developers to network engineers and everything in between, they continue to shift and shape the world of tomorrow. 


cutting-edge solutions

Televic is a key player in communication systems

We deliver cutting-edge solutions to the most demanding clients globally. To stay ahead, our engineers are continuously challenged by our customers and technical sales teams to employ the newest technologies. It is this constant pursuit for innovation that is embedded in the mindset of all our R&D engineers, and what drives their desire to push the boundaries of what is possible. 




Our know-how comes from collaborations with universities and research institutions, training sessions on state-of-the-art technologies and many other company-led learning opportunities. 

96 patents in over 36 patent families


Innovations resulting from this forward-looking thinking are turned into patents and licensed to manufacturers all over the world. Our patent portfolio consists of technologies in the railway, education, health care and conference industry, and currently consists out of 96 patents in over 36 patent families.

Over the past 15 years working at Televic, I've witnessed a huge growth in our business. It hasn't always been easy, but it makes me proud to see our systems running on trains all over the world.
The thing I love the most is the problem-solving, no-nonsense mentality in our company. We certainly operate on the motto ‘No hill too steep, no hurdle too high’. We rise to every challenge!
Wouter vanhauwaert
Experienced Software Engineer
Starting as a junior in the team, I quickly felt integrated in an enthusiastic and knowledgeable SW team. With their help I am able to tackle new challenges and gain more responsibilities along the way. Gaining these new responsibilities really energises me which makes it interesting to work for Televic. On top of that I’m also in touch with our international colleagues in Germany and the US, which adds extra variation to the daily business!
Clemens Schlegel
Junior SoftWare Engineer

Do you see yourself in one of these engineering profiles? 

Solution Analyst 

Solutions Analysts play a key role at the crossroads between the customers, bids, project management and R&D. They translate our customer project requirements and expectations into high-level design and an actionable work for our R&D department. In order to better understand our customers' wishes, they align with the bid team, project managers and customer representatives. One of their primary objectives is to maximize the reuse of existing products and building blocks within their designs.


Application Software Developer

Application Software Developers implement the functional requirements of our customers into technical solutions. Enhancing the capabilities of code, design and testing require developers to use typical technologies such as JAVA, user interface design, web technologies and much more.

Integration Engineer

Integration Engineers bring different stakeholders to the table to deliver complete solutions to our customers. Typically possessing an all-rounder profile, they embrace a spectrum of pioneering technologies to create and guide the integration of a project with respect to time and scope. 

Network Engineer

Network Engineers assume a key role within the organization as they are responsible for designing, configuring and stress-testing the onboard network in each project. Communication is key in this role as they liaise with several teams including R&D engineers, service engineers, test engineers, sales, BID,...

Hardware Developer 

Hardware Developers steer new product developments into the technology of the future. Executing electronic development projects from initial specification until production release, this role offers the opportunity to work on a broad range of products, from audio and video technology to networking and CCTV. 

Embedded Software Developer 

Embedded Software Developers bring hardware to life. By implementing Board Support Packages (BSP), Operating Systems, drivers and application software, they deliver the functionality of a single device which is later integrated into a larger system. Main technologies used in this role are C++/C, Linux, Debian, Yocto. 

Working at Televic challenges me on the daily. We never stop innovating or experimenting with new technological advances like audio, displays, wireless communications and machine learning.
Steven Lauwereins
Research lead for the Rail market
As member of Televic Rail R&D QA department, I’m proud to be part of a team that is fully engaged to provide qualitative software to our customers with state-of-the-art testing solutions. It’s great to experience the commitment and enthusiasm of every team member which results in a generous and collaborative team spirit.
German Donchev
QA for the Rail market
cutting-edge solutions
Internal testing is maximized to avoid that products come back from clients to ultimately reduce the overall amout of waste generated
We foster innovation within our company