Legacy CoCon Software Updates

About Legacy Software Updates

The software updates below are legacy versions and are no longer being actively developed. Televic Conference recommends you download the latest software updates to ensure your systems are running the best possible versions for your hardware.


Find the latest CoCon updates

CoCon for Plixus

Updates for the standard CoCon suite. Required if you use multiple video streams, units with an integrated camera, intercom, custom functionality, and Dante input as a conference microphone.

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CoCon for Plixus Core (Embedded Room Server)

Updates designed to work on top of the new Plixus Core (Embedded Room Server). CoCon for Plixus Core adds advanced configuration options for discussion and interpretation.

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CoCon for TCS5500 and Confidea CU

Updates for TCS5500 and Confidea CU.

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Which version do I need?

CoCon updates come in three different versions. Read more to find out which updates are right for your system.

I have basic meeting options

If you only need any of the following functions, you don't need CoCon. (Plixus Core covers all functionality.)

  • Simple discussion: Microphone management, initialization, dynamics control
  • Microphone activation through list (no synoptic)
  • Interpretation channels (Floor+11 languages)
  • Fixed Dante interfacing (Floor+11 languages)
  • Integration with any video/audio conferencing or external audio processing equipment
  • Aux out 1: Floor / Aux out 2&3: Configurable output language
    • E.g. Fl+2 recording / dual-language video conferencing
  • Camera Control Protocol and API

I have advanced meeting options: synoptics, timers, voting, and more.

If you need any of the following functions, you need CoCon for Plixus Core:

  • Microphone synoptic(s)
  • Meeting management, speech timer, delegate and group database
  • Voting / Authentication
  • Signage
  • More than 12 interpretation channels (Floor + >11)
  • Full ISO-20109 interpretation compliance
  • Advanced audio routing
  • Microphone grouping
  • Loudspeaker grouping
  • uniCOS support (single stream video only)
  • Single stream video distribution (SDI to V-OUT)
  • Custom unit functions as Reply, Service Call (Chairman units required!)

I have complex meeting options with multistream video

If you need any of the following functions, you can only use CoCon for Plixus

  • Multiple video streams (Plixus V-IN)
  • uniCOS support
  • Confidea F-DIVC units (webcam units)
  • Intercom
  • Dante input as conference microphone
    • Wireless public microphone part of microphone management