D-Cerno AE

Hybrid-ready discussion system for small to medium-sized meeting rooms

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Quick, Easy, Hybrid

Never before has it been more crucial to understand and be understood correctly during a meeting. Having an easy to use and reliable discussion system has therefore never been more important. Being able to set up in record time, integrating with existing AV equipment or effortlessly working together with hybrid meeting platforms, the new D-Cerno system has it all.

 D-Cerno:  Quick to set up, Easy to integrate, Hybrid-ready.


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Plug & Play

Simply connect the discussions units with the central unit with a standard shielded network cable, power up and start your meeting.

Hybrid ready

Elevate your hybrid meeting by simply connecting the USB cable to your PC and select the D-Cerno system in Teams, Zoom or other UC platforms.


Need to integrate with an existing AV system? Use the wide range of connectivity options to make your integration quick and easy. 

Ready to Record

Recording your meeting is as easy as pushing the button. Use the internal storage,  a connected flash drive or record individual microphones on a PC.

Discuss & Meet

Central Unit

D-Cerno AE (NEW)

The new D-Cerno AE is the heart of the D-Cerno digital discussion system and is designed to enable your hybrid meeting. Simply connect this central unit to the D-Cerno discussion units and start your meeting.

The dual USB ports, network-based AES-67 connection and analog I/O allows for an easy integration with any hybrid meeting platform, DSPs or external AV equipment, making one of the most flexible systems in its segment.
With the additional recording capabilities and integrated audio routing capabilities, the D-Cerno AE brings your hybrid meeting to the next level.

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D-Cerno SL

With its sleek and compact form factor, D-Cerno SL guarantees zero mobile-phone interference and a great digital sound quality. It is equipped with tactile buttons, braille indicators, headphone connections and volume control. The chairperson units have dedicated functionalities with Next-in-line and Priority buttons.

The chairperson units have extra functionalities, such as Next-in-line and Priority buttons. The microphone is removable (different lengths are available – just order them separately) and the cable connections are concealed for a neat overall look and feel.

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Download datasheets:

D-Cerno D-SL (71.98.0306):  EN | FR

D-Cerno C-SL (71.98.0307): EN | FR

Televic Conference D-cerno F-DM F-CM conference technology


Smooth and discreet, D-Cerno F-DM is a digital microphone flush-mount panel intended for basic discussion systems. It offers a crystal clear sound and excellent intelligibility. Thanks to its small form factor and elegant casing, you can easily blend it in with your meeting room furniture. The panel also has an on/off tactile microphone push button and an integrated LED light to indicate the mic status.

The chairperson unit, D-Cerno F-CM, boasts additional functionalities, such as Next-in- line and Priority buttons. A screw-lock
connector allows you to pair it with a removable microphone (different lengths are available – just order them separately).

Download datasheets:

D-Cerno F-DM (71.98.0311): EN | FR | NL | DE | ES | IT

D-Cerno F-CM (71.98.0312): EN | FR | NL | DE | ES | IT

inspiring projects

Ministry of Defense, New Delhi, India, Televic Conference Discussion System

Ministry of Defense, New Delhi, India

SRM University, Kattankulathur, India

SRM University, Kattankulathur, India

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