Infonavit's New Auditorium

A Reliable Solution for Infonavit's New Auditorium


Infonavit, a public institute dedicated to assisting workers in buying their homes, embarked on a project to construct a new auditorium. The goal was to create a versatile space that could accommodate two separate audiences simultaneously. This required a unique design that would cater to the needs of the workers seeking financial assistance for their new houses.

The ideal wireless microphone solution
To make the auditorium fully functional, the Unite system was employed. The Unite system consisted of an 8 wireless channel setup and 2 body pack transmitters for microphones. This allowed the workers to use the microphones separately or together as required. To cater to the division of the auditorium, two access points were strategically placed. Additionally, an audio processor was used to seamlessly combine or separate the audio channels based on the specific requirements.

The winning features of the Unite system 
The competition against other wireless microphone systems was fierce, but Unite emerged as the clear winner. The key feature that set Unite apart was its special city transmission feature, which works on frequencies of 1.9 or 1.8 gigahertz. This feature was really important, especially in a place like Mexico City, where there are lots of radio signals causing interference. Thanks to Unite's exceptional performance in this radio-polluted environment, it became the perfect solution for Infovanit's wireless microphone requirements. Navits did also added two network chargers for all the transmitters, so they can be monitored and updated as necessary.

The Unite system has become an integral part of Infovanit's new auditorium, serving as a reliable and functional wireless microphone solution. The successful implementation of the Unite system not only fulfilled the institute's requirements but also highlighted the importance of choosing the right technology to meet specific needs. With Unite in place, Infovanit can now confidently host its events and continue its mission of assisting workers in their journey to buy their own homes.


  • 8 wireless channel setup
  • 2 body pack transmitters
  • 2 access points
  • Audio processor
  • 2 network chargers for all transmitters




Infonavit project Mexico
Infonavit project Mexico
Infonavit project Mexico
Infonavit's New Auditorium


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