How Televic's Unite contributes to education inclusion for hearing impaired in Germany

Hearing aid or cochlear implant? Unite’s neck loop transmits crystal-clear sound to you directly.

Hearing aids keep getting better, but even the most advanced cannot completely filter the sound that matters most in a classroom: the lecturer’s voice. That’s why the Weimar Adult Education Centre in Germany relies on our Unite Mobile Audio System. It transmits the sound directly to the hearing aid or cochlear implant.

Blocking the noise

A classroom is a noisy environment, with less-than-ideal acoustics. For the hearing impaired, understanding the lecturer’s voice is often difficult, especially in auditoriums. Voices are drowned in echoes and noise from classmates. Hearing aids are still not very effective in filtering only the voice that matters.

However, including the hearing impaired is not only a social obligation for educational institutions; it’s also a legal one. Article 24 of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities states that a person cannot be excluded from mainstream education because of a disability.

Direct transmission via induction neck loop

Televic came up with a solution for different profiles. The Unite Mobile Audio System uses an induction neck loop to transmit the sound directly to the hearing aid or cochlear implant. But that’s not all. Learners with hearing problems who don’t have a hearing aid yet, can use headphones.

New training possibilities

“We are naturally delighted to take the next step towards accessibility with these devices,” says Ulrich Dillmann, Director of the Adult Education Centre. “Icing on the cake, we now have the opportunity to break new ground in vocational training or even multilingual courses.”

The Unite Mobile Audio System is also ideal for online teaching and hybrid forms of learning. Thanks to the microphone in the receiver, the sound can be transmitted bidirectionally, making it easier for everyone to understand.

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