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Discussion system in new government office building in India

For the AV equipment of new government offices, India’s defense ministry chose Televic as a secure supplier of a modern and aesthetic meeting room discussion system.


Blending conferencing units into the interior design of India’s new Defense office complex.

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently inaugurated a brand-new office complex for the Ministry of Defense on Africa Avenue in New Delhi. The new buildings will provide modern, secure and functional working spaces for around 7,000 officials from the Ministry of Defense and the Armed Forces, including the Army, Navy and Air Force. Following the inauguration of the complexes, Modi said the new office complexes would help the defense personnel work in better conditions with all modern amenities.


Meeting rooms in all sizes and layouts

These amenities include 8 meeting rooms, varying in size and capacity. Three of those meeting rooms have been equipped with Televic conferencing solutions. For one meeting room with 50 seats, one with 21 seats and one with 13 seats, the Indian government chose Televic to provide a solution for high-quality audio communication and conferencing functionalities for internal meetings and presentations.

Clear conferencing system requirements

The commissioning government had two main requirements for the project: one was a modern and sleek design that could blend into the meeting room environment. The second was to guarantee a secure and trusted source, which we complied with as a European manufacturer. In order to fit the design requirements, the integrator opted for Televic’s D-Cerno flush mount solutions. These units are purposely built to fit into any meeting room environment. The pristine audio quality makes sure that meeting participants, be it in room or virtually, can hear and be heard. Additionally, the Televic D-cerno solution ensures an easy plug-and-play installation and a smooth integration with other AV solutions in the room.

Central unit with connected discussion devices

The chairman seat in every meeting room was equipped with a D-Cerno CU central unit and a D-Cerno F-CM chairman microphone panel. The central unit, capable of connecting to up to 50 discussion devices, uses an easy and intuitive display to control the system. It also features adequate audio and 2 USB ports for quick and easy meeting recording. The chairman microphone panel stands out with a minimalistic design, microphone on/off, priority and next-in-line buttons, and a removable microphone connector.

Each individual participant seat was connected to the discussion system by means of a D-cerno F-DM flush mount delegate microphone panel, again with the subtle design integration, microphone on/off button and removable microphone connector.


D-Cerno flush mount solutions:

D-cerno F-DM & F-CM


System Integrator: Hitech Audio Systems Pvt Ltd


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