Tohoku University Televic Conference

Enhancing communication at Tohoku University's guided tours with Unite


Tohoku University, located in Sendai, Japan, is internationally recognized for its excellence in education and groundbreaking research. One of its key attractions is the MASAMUNE-IMR supercomputer – a computational powerhouse with a fascinating array of applications. However, the noise generated by the supercomputer posed a challenge for traditional guide systems during visitor tours.

Enhancing Tohoku University's Supercomputer Tours
Audiobrains, one of our distributors in Japan, has joined forces with one of Japan's most prestigious educational institutions Tohoku University to successfully implement Unite's Tour Guide System. Unite is a digital wireless system that allows people to interact and communicate with ease across various applications. 

Thanks to Unite, Tohoku University's tours of the MASAMUNE-IMR supercomputer have been transformed. Unite's innovative Tour Guide system incorporates advanced noise cancellation technology. This unique feature eliminates background noise, enabling the presenter's voice to come through crystal clear, even in the noisiest of environments.

Unite's Noise-Cancellation
The integration of Unite into Tohoku University's tours has significantly enhanced the overall experience for visitors. Regardless of the supercomputer's fan noise, every participant can fully immerse themselves in the presenter's voice and absorb the insights being shared.

With Audiobrains' distribution expertise and Tohoku University's commitment to excellence, the integration of Unite into the MASAMUNE-IMR tour highlights the transformative power of communication solutions. 

The noise-cancellation capability of Unite is very unique and sets it apart from other systems available in the market.
Junta Yamazaki
Sales and Brand Marketing Director at Audiobrains
Tohoku University Televic Conference
Tohoku University Televic Conference
Tohoku University Televic Conference


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