Enhancing Learning in a Noisy Laboratory


In a bustling laboratory that accommodates up to 200 students, there was a need for a unique solution to enable eight lecturers to speak simultaneously. With various experiments and machinery creating background noise, the challenge was to ensure clear communication for the students. The goal was to create a tour guide-like experience, allowing students to move around the space, engaging with different lecturers as they conducted experiments and lab experiences.

The perfect solution with Unite
Enter the Unite system - a versatile and powerful tool that fit the requirements perfectly. With over 200 receivers and 8 transmitters, the Unite system offered the capability to provide clear audio to the students, even in the midst of noisy laboratory activities. The setup allowed students to look up at a large screen, select the channel corresponding to the lecturer they wanted to follow, and then move around freely to listen to the lecture without missing any valuable information.

Providing clear audio amidst laboratory 
The Unite system proved to be a game-changer in the large laboratory environment. Despite the challenges posed by background noise and the need for multiple lecturers to communicate simultaneously, the Unite system delivered clear and reliable audio quality. Its versatility allowed for a portable and efficient setup, ensuring that students could seamlessly engage with various lecturers and experiences throughout the laboratory. The Unite system's ease of use and reliable performance made it a valuable asset in enhancing learning and communication in the laboratory space.


  • 8 transmitters
  • 200 receivers




Nothingham lab
Nothingham lab
Nothingham lab


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