How Televic enables interactive guided tours in Sisamex Plant

Noisy factory? No more need for yelling with Unite’s Tour Guide System.

“Our produc… *CLING*… perso… *CLANG*… better tha… *PSSSSSSST*.”

Most of us can recall a guided tour where we could not understand the guide properly, not to mention ask him questions. Televic puts an end to this kind of miscommunication with the Unite Tour Guide System providing noise-canceling technology.

Guided tours at Sisamex? Too much noise

Sisamex is a major automotive components manufacturer in the north of Mexico. They wanted to have guided tours in the production plant, allowing visitors to interact with their guide. Due to the noise level on the production line, however, intelligible communication was impossible. Visitors weren’t able to understand the guide, let alone each other.

Solution: Unite’s Tour Guide System

Thanks to the Unite Tour Guide System, voices now sound crystal clear. That’s because Unite uses intelligent DSP algorithms that improve the microphone signal before transmission. Add to this automatic microphone sensitivity – think loud voices or varying distances from the microphone – and noise-canceling technology for a complete package.

A scalable, cost-effective system

Sisamex is happy using Unite’s TP belt pack transmitter for the guide, and the RP-T receiver with a talkback function for the visitors. They all include smart technology but are still very cost-effective. If Sisamex wants to make the system accessible for the hearing impaired, they can easily add IL 200 induction neck loops. Those can be used instead of headphones and transmit the signal directly to hearing aids or cochlear implants.

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