Horse club Tamm Unite

Horse Club Tamm, Unite overcomes distances in training


Televic's wireless Unite intercom system puts in a sporty performance: successfully used in horse riding lessons

The wireless Unite communication system can be used for a wide variety of applications. Unite improves intelligibility wherever people need to communicate with each other – even over long distances. When used as a mobile intercom system, any number of people can talk to each other and three people can speak simultaneously.

The system was thoroughly tested by Western riders during lessons. The trainer was equipped with a Unite TP beltpack transmitter and an HSP 321 headset. She can provide exact instructions at any time when her microphone is turned on. Background noises are blocked out to achieve optimum speech intelligibility. The rider was given a Unite RP-T receiver with talkback function and a Soul BYRD in-ear headset, both of which can be worn comfortably with a helmet. The adjustable talkback button keeps the microphone permanently switched on so that she can ask questions or make comments without interrupting her training.

“We tested the system and we were really impressed,” said the trainer. “Communication is perfect. My pupils receive my instructions very clearly without any delay; there are fewer misunderstandings and I can give longer explanations.” The horse riding pupils were also impressed: “You can understand every word, even over long distances, and background noise is no longer a problem.” The testers also recommend it for trail riding, during which the quicker gait of a horse normally makes effective communication difficult.

Unite enables training in horse riding and other sports without a hitch. Allowing dialog over long distances guarantees that training content is optimally conveyed and questions can be answered. Transmitter and receiver can be charged using a standard USB-C cable or a Unite charger. The system transmits in accordance with the DECT standard and can be operated without registration and ongoing fees.

For trainers

  • 1 x Unite TP beltpack transmitter
  • 1 x HSP 321 headset

For riders

  • 1 x Unite RP-T beltpack receiver with talkback
  • 1 x Soul Byrd in-ear headset
  • Optional: Unite DS-4/2 or CDS-4/2 charger
Horse club Tamm Unite
Horse club Tamm Unite
Horse club Tamm Unite
Horse club Tamm Unite


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