Hybrid Council Chamber for the Municipality of Heerde


A State-of-the-Art Hybrid Council Chamber
The Municipality of Heerde in the Netherlands proudly unveils its state-of-the-art hybrid council chamber, featuring cutting-edge audiovisual technology. This innovative space ensures that all participants have a clear view of the content through a central display presentation. The system utilises real-time camera tracking, both internally and online, to provide seamless visibility from every angle.

Introducing the Televic Meeting Solution
Embedded directly into the council chamber table, the Televic meeting solution offers a comprehensive range of features. Equipped with RFID readers and voting hardware, it enables participants to register and engage in the meeting in a personalised manner using digital passes. When someone speaks, the speaker's name is displayed, creating a more interactive experience for all attendees.

Moreover, these digital passes are linked to voting rights, enabling participants to vote digitally from their seats. The results can be visualised individually or at the faction level, and if desired, live-streamed for wider accessibility.

General Information

  • Project Location: Heerde, The Netherlands
  • Project Realisation: Wuestman


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