Televic Installation in Sunshine City's City Hall


The new Sunshine Coast City Hall, unveiled on December 10, 2022, stands in the heart of the Maroochydore city centre. This modern structure embodies the collective vision of creating a contemporary regional civic, business, and commercial hub that resonates with the community's warmth and accessibility.

The 10-floor edifice accommodates 800 staff members within its 100 diverse spaces. The journey to infuse modern technology into this building commenced in November '21, starting with the launch of a tender procedure. Over the next six months, meticulous audio, video, and conferencing installations were implemented throughout the building, with the Council chamber standing out as the pinnacle of complexity. Its distinctive dome shape showcases unique product installations.

The City of Sunshine, while designing its tech-integration strategy, drew inspiration from Televic's accomplished installations in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

An inspiring visit to the City of Gold Coast was organized. This excursion, approximately a year before the Sunshine project's initiation, was pivotal. The seamless integration and professional finesse witnessed at the Gold Coast site positioned Televic as a frontrunner in their minds.

While they sought parallels with the Gold Coast system, they had an enhanced vision that incorporated Confero MEET. To bring this vision to life, a Confero Meet Demo was organized, uniting the forces of VideoPro, the City Council Meeting Managers, distributor PAVT, and the Televic product management team.


One of the standout features that cemented Televic's selection was the ability to integrate with MS Teams. Streaming and confidence monitoring were an addon after the first meeting and were provided by VideoPro using 3rd party products.

The culmination of Televic's expertise, combined with the collaborative efforts of all stakeholders Proav, VideoPro, and PAVT, has transformed Sunshine City's City Hall into a technological marvel!