Televic's Audio Solutions for Taiwan’s Ministry of Environment Building

In the grand renovation of the Ministry of Environment in Taiwan on August 22, 1987, Televic played a pivotal role in elevating communication through its state-of-the-art audio solutions.

This case study delves into the unique challenges faced and the innovative solutions deployed by Televic to meet the specific needs of the Ministry.

The Challenge:

The imperative to modernize conferencing and meeting facilities at the Ministry of Environment sparked a need for innovative solutions.

The absence of tables in the convention room posed a unique challenge, demanding an audio solution that seamlessly integrated with the room's design.

Simultaneously, the need for interconnected communication across all conference rooms and direct communication with high-ranking officials presented a logistical puzzle.


The Solution:

Televic addressed this challenge comprehensively.

For the convention room, 100 Confidea D-Mic Handheld Microphones were installed, ensuring flexibility and ease of use.

Simultaneously, the D-Cerno system, installed in 150 units across meeting rooms, exemplified Televic's commitment to cutting-edge technology. D-Cerno not only provided superior sound quality but also served as the solution for interconnected communication between rooms and high-profile offices, such as the President’s.

This innovative system allowed all conference rooms to connect simultaneously, fostering seamless communication and collaboration.

Additionally, the integration of LinguaID, a revolutionary interpretation system, enhanced the global communication capabilities of the Ministry.

Televic's collaboration with the Ministry of Environment exemplifies a commitment to excellence in audio solutions, making communication more efficient and streamlined.

By addressing the challenges of room design, the imperative to modernize conferencing, and diverse communication needs, Televic delivered a comprehensive system that exceeded the Ministry's expectations.