Transforming Srbijagas Headquarters: A Cutting-Edge Audio-Visual Experience

Srbijagas, a pivotal player in the Serbian gas market, has embarked on a journey to modernize its headquarters in Novi Sad.

Founded in 2005 after the restructuring of NIS (Oil Industry Serbia), the company boasts a rich history of over 50 years in the gas sector.

Partnering with AVL Projekt Int. doo, we had the privilege of contributing to this transformation by integrating state-of-the-art audio-visual systems into their new headquarters.

Collaborating closely with AVL Projekt Int. doo, our venture included the design, installation, and activation of diverse audio-visual systems tailored for rooms of varying sizes and functionalities.

Meeting Rooms

The centerpiece of this transformation is the main meeting room, now equipped with a sophisticated conference system and video conferencing capabilities for 16 participants.

The system features motorized HD monitors, integrated Televic Confidea Flex units, and Huawei's advanced video conferencing solution, ensuring seamless communication and content sharing in multiple languages.

Two additional presentation and conference rooms accommodate up to 45 participants, boasting Audix microphone systems and Televic translation units. Professional 4K monitors, wireless collaboration systems, and Aten control units enhance the presentation experience.

The training room mirrors the presentation rooms, offering wireless microphone systems and collaboration solutions for dynamic and interactive training sessions.

Four smaller meeting rooms facilitate wired and wireless transmission of audio and video signals to 85” Sony PRO monitors, ensuring effective communication in a more intimate setting.

Digital Signage Solutions:
Digital Signage solutions were integrated throughout the headquarters.

Sony's professional monitors, including a striking video wall in the entrance hall, provide a visually engaging and interactive experience for employees and visitors alike.

Network Integration and Operation:
All audio-visual systems are seamlessly connected via the network infrastructure, offering flexible operation options—either locally or centrally from the technical room—depending on the specific requirements of each occasion.


  • 21.5” motorized HD monitors​

  • Integrated Televic Confidea Flex units​

  • Gooseneck Mic that can be pulled in/out the table​

  • Button to select content to be displayed​

  • Simultaneous translation (Floor +3)​

  • 2 PTZ Cameras​

User Training:
Post-installation, AVL Projekt team provided comprehensive training to the client's technical staff, ensuring they are adept at utilizing and managing the advanced audio-visual systems now enriching the Srbijagas headquarters.

With this transformation, Srbijagas has not only embraced modernity but has also created a technologically advanced and collaborative environment within its new headquarters in Novi Sad. This integration of cutting-edge audio-visual systems sets a new standard for efficiency and communication in the company's daily operations.