Unite: Your guiding system in a 5,000m² Eco-Park

Interactive guided tours in the 5,000-square-metre El Nido de Quetzlcóatl (Mexico)? No sweat for Televic’s Unite Tour Guide System.

El Nido de Quetzalcóatl (Quetzalcóatl’s Nest) is an architectural treat. The 5,000 m² eco-park lies deep in a forest and is characterised by extremely rugged terrain. Only few people are allowed to visit the place on a four-hour guided walk. Thanks to excellent transmission via our Unite Tour Guide System, these lucky few are always guaranteed an unforgettable (listening) experience.

A challenge to build

El Nido de Quetzalcóatl (Quetzalcóatl’s Nest) lies in the forest of Naucalpan (State of Mexico), close to Mexico City. The architectural project aims to integrate humans into nature. Only ten apartments were built in a park of 5,000 m² of rugged terrain. They are surrounded by gardens and a forest.

Building dwellings for humans while keeping the abundant nature intact was a real challenge for architect Javier Senosiain. But he persisted and hopes to open the park to the public in a few years, when it’s completely finished.

Exclusive guided tours

In the meantime, only few people are allowed to tour the place – there’s a waiting list of nearly two years, at a cost. The management of Quetzalcóatl’s Nest specifically wanted to organize interactive guided tours in the park. Not easy, given the area of thousands of square meters and the rugged terrain. They looked at various solutions but didn’t find the technical performance they were looking for.

Audio quality

The aim was excellent wireless transmission behaviour. And that was where the Unite Tour Guide System stood out. Only one Unite TP transmitter is used, along with 20 Unite RP-T receivers. All of them are coupled with Unite HSP 321 headsets. The advantage? They are completely immune to radio interference from mobile phones and provide great audio quality, even in noisy outdoor environments.

The staff was very happy with the ‘talk-back’ feature. Especially with exclusive tours, you want to have a real conversation with the visitors, not just a monologue.

When the park opens to the public, Quetzalcóatl’s Nest aims to purchase as many as 200 receivers with more transmitters. That will allow several groups to walk simultaneously through the park, on their own tours.

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