Webinar - Flexible audio routing in the Confero platform

About this webinar

as we delve into the possibilities of flexible audio routing in the Confero platform. The Confero platform, a wholly web-based solution, redefines meeting management right from your browser - be it room setup, meeting control, camera configuration, or hybrid meeting management.  

In this webinar, we'll detail how Televic's Confero Audio software facilitates quick and seamless grouping and routing of audio within the Televic system, offering you full control of microphones and speakers for optimal Dante flow and channel count. With the web-based Confero Audio interface, any computer with a browser can create or adapt configuration without needing dedicated software. Join us to explore key capabilities like creating audio input/output groups effortlessly, visualizing routing groups like a pro for crystal-clear communication, unify your virtual meetings with Teams and Zoom for the ultimate hybrid experience and achieve discreet audio routing for specialized applications, ensuring precision in every scenario.