Webinar - UniCOS all-in-one solution

About this webinar

Learn how to design conference rooms using uniCOS as the perfect all-in-one alternative solution for rooms with line-of-sight issues.

We have all faced the challenge of attending meetings in long and narrow conference rooms (bowling alleys) where it is difficult to see the presentation screen, let alone have a clear view of the speaker. Similarly, meetings held in multi-row seating arrangements often require magnitude of screens, which can be problematic.

On the other hand, both historic buildings and modern spaces with lots of glass present challenges for hanging screens or cameras in an ideal position. This results in bi-directional line-of-sight issues: from the participant's perspective having a clear view on persons speaking or content being shared and from the cameras' perspective, making it difficult to effectively capture the person speaking.

The uniCOS solution is a comprehensive device that provides meeting participants with a clear view of what is happening in the room. It enables attendees to see the speaker's body language, as well as any materials being shared. The built-in camera also captures the speaker in close-up, providing an engaging view of the presentation. And what’s more, as the uniCOS solution is an all-in-one device, the room layout can be easily rearranged to best suit the needs of the meeting.