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Ensure that every party in your courtroom can be heard and seen clearly with our award-winning technology that matches the exact needs of your specific legal system, whether live or hybrid.

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Ensure effective and clear courtroom communication

The prosecution, the defense, the jury, the judge; everyone in the courtroom needs to be seen and heard clearly – it’s the key to any justice system. Easily share evidence or work hybrid with our versatile multimedia units. Equip your courtroom with our reliable systems with accurate sound, clear video and effortless recording and be confident that no detail in the case at hand is ever missed.

Flexibility to fit any courtroom, with seamless integration

We bring crisp audio and clear video to where you need it in your courtroom, for any type of legal system. New automatic modes enable microphones and speakers to always be live, ensuring everything is captured. Our user-friendly audio and video solutions integrate flawlessly into any existing setup.


Hear and be heard. Understand and be understood.

The ability to talk and listen clearly lets your justice system work as it should. Have better hearings and make the right rulings.

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