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Is your local city council in need of a conferencing system? Discover 4 categories that bring professional meeting technology within the reach of every budget.

Meeting technology for city councils

With 4 main types of conferencing systems, there is one for any budget

Communal councils are not just meetings. They have their own requirements. Indeed, city council meetings are formal and require different functionalities such as the possibility of moderating the meeting, voting or posting the agenda.

Combined with the pandemic situation, this has forced local city councils to reinvent themselves. They had to come up with alternative solutions to physical meetings held in the council chamber. They had to make room for social distancing in council rooms that were often too small. Enter video-conferencing councils. Or even hybrid councils, with some of the elected officials in the room and others joining from home or elsewhere. The public? They could no longer be allowed to attend.

Equipment as a critical success factor

To continue their meetings in the best possible conditions, city councils must be able to optimally equip their council rooms. Common concerns are the need to stream or broadcast council meetings to facilitate citizen participation and transparency of government. The intended level of digitization varies from city to city, depending on size and available budget. That is why Televic has developed 4 types of conferencing solution to meet every local council’s specific needs.

Televic Conference Conference system

Type 1: Starter solution

Equipped with our D-Cerno units and a wide-angle camera, this solution allows city council members to hear and be heard. Features to moderate the meeting and to broadcast it via Youtube are in place. It is a perfect solution for small cities wishing to digitalize with a minimal investment.

Televic Conference Conference Solutions

Type 2: Upgradeable solution

Equipped with our Confidea Flex units and a wide-angle camera, this solution has all the features of the previous one. On top, it offers the possibility to broadcast via different platforms (e.g. Facebook, Youtube, Twitch...). It is a future-proof solution allowing to add functionalities such as electronic voting, the possibility to organize hybrid meetings or to organize the agenda.

Televic Conference Conference Solutions

Type 3: Complete solution

This is a complete solution in the sense that it is equipped with Confidea Flex units and all the functionalities mentioned above (voting, agenda, hybrid meetings). In addition, several cameras allow the implementation of a camera tracking system. This makes it possible to professionalize broadcasting without the need for a technician to direct the cameras.

Televic Conference Conference Solutions

Type 4: All-in-One Solution with web publishing and VOD

This solution includes all the equipment and features included in our "Complete solution". You can work with your preferred local streaming partner. In Belgium, for example, Televic works with Streamovations as a professional streaming partner. This creates the opportunity to make maximal use of the meta data through web publishing and VOD.


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