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Best conferencing equipment for the rental market - Ellerbrock Konferenztechnik

When rental company Ellerbrock wanted to renew their conferencing equipment portfolio, they found Televic’s Confidea FLEX G4 wireless to be best in class.  

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Ellerbrock Konferenztechnik updates its rental portfolio with Televic 

Since 1978, Ellerbrock Konferenztechnik has been a leading rental supplier of conference equipment for the German and broader European market. The company, a Conference Rental Alliance premium member, recently decided to renew its portfolio of rental conferencing equipment to suit the needs of their customers. After a thorough market study, they chose an initial investment of 205 Televic Confidea FLEX G4 wireless conferencing units, meant to run on Televic’s Plixus system

Next-generation conferencing equipment 

Ellerbrock wanted to invest in a truly next-generation type of conferencing equipment. They aim at being a rental partner that can offer best in class solutions MEETING the needs of todays increasingly demanding customers. Televic’s newest flagship solution Confidea FLEX G4 wireless offers them the unparalleled versatility and flexibility they were looking for. In combination with The Plixus system, these units can be deployed in almost any setting – regardless of the number of participants, the desired conferencing options (even over different rooms) or meeting configurations. All 100% cable- and worry-free, while maintaining pristine audio quality.

Flexibility and connectivity 

Especially for the rental market, the high level of flexibility and connectivity of the units and the system are an enormous benefit. Ellerbrock’s team can easily adapt the set-up and configuration of the devices depending on the customer’s needs. Even connecting the conferencing system to other devices or applications is no hassle at all. The built-in simultaneous interpreting capabilities are considered a very important plus.  

Award-winning design 

Ellerbrock’s representatives pointed out that the design aspect of conferencing solutions is of growing importance to their customers. As the rental equipment is often used for high-level board meetings or press conferences, customers want a solution that looks the works. In this respect, Televic’s award-winning product design really stood out when they went on the market to look for a portfolio upgrade.  

Quick and easy to install 

Another major concern for rental companies is the ability to set up the conferencing system quickly and easily for temporary use. This is why they had their team of technicians do a number of test runs with the Televic FLEX G4 wireless system prior to making the investment decision. Only after receiving highly positive feedback from their team and customer, they proceeded to purchase the units.  

Direct support 

A final compelling argument to move forward with Televic conferencing equipment to shape its future rental offering, was the level of support provided by Televic to Ellerbrock’s staff. Even though the units have proven to take little effort to install and set up, it is very comforting to know that a technical hotline is always available in case of difficulty.  

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We have worked with other well-known brands before. But in all honesty: we fell in love with Televic’s Confidea FLEX G4 wireless as soon as we laid eyes on it. For us as a rental supplier, it truly ticks all the boxes.
Ellerbrock Konferenztechnik

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