Gooseneck or Low Profile Microphone?

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For decades, Televic Conference has developed best-in-class conferencing solutions that blend design, function, and exceptional audio quality. Unlike centralized conferencing systems, Televic leverages the advantages of individual microphones, ensuring the best intelligibility in your meetings.


Depending on your meeting requirements, these microphones can be activated automatically, by the push of a button, or moderated via a chairperson or operator. Televic's dedicated conferencing units not only provide directional audio capture but also offer clear audio amplification, enabling you to hear and be heard clearly.

gooseneck microphone

The most commonly used type is the gooseneck microphone, which excels in flexibility in positioning and adjusting the height and angle.

Due to the reduced distance between speaker & microphone, this option ensures optimal intelligibility in your meetings, even in large groups or noisy environments. The gooseneck microphone comes in various lengths and polar patterns to accommodate your desired placement and room conditions.

Additionally, it includes an integrated LED that provides a visual indication of microphone activation.

Low-Profile Microphone

While the gooseneck microphone delivers outstanding audio quality, it can sometimes disrupt the room's design or obstruct the camera's view, hindering the natural flow of hybrid meetings. To address these issues, Televic offers the Low-Profile Microphone (LPM), designed to be compact and inconspicuous.

Despite the increased distance between the speaker and the device, this highly directional and low-noise microphone still enables clear communication among participants, both in-person and remotely. Similar to the gooseneck option, the LPM also has an integrated LED showing the microphone activation.

The LPM is the ideal solution for boardrooms where aesthetics and minimal visibility are preferred, without compromising the excellent intelligibility provided by a dedicated conferencing unit for both in-person and hybrid meetings.


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