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Why have you decided to make such a substantial investment in Televic Plixus Confidea Microphones and E-Ink Nameplates?

At DLC, we have always aimed to set the standard for conferencing technology within the region, and success in any endeavour requires a significant amount of consideration and financial commitment. Our investment in Televic advances our goal of offering our clients a comprehensive solution for events of any scale. Conferences aim for efficient debate and decision-making, and a qualitative delegate microphone solution is essential in achieving this. Technology moves quickly and as such we are keen to follow it to the frontier, offering optimal end-user experiences for our clients.

How do they complement your current stock?

Delegates familiar with our existing products will have no problem adapting to this new system; Televic seamlessly integrates with our existing stock of Shure DCS6000 interpretation equipment. With over 2,500 push-to-talk microphones in stock, we are capable of providing for all the largest conferences that take place in the region, as well as supporting requirements on an international scale.

What features do end users benefit from?

Auto-redundancy provides additional reassurance should any circumstances occur that require itthis will limit any obstructions to deliberation and the delegate's experience. Additionally, Dante, as the audio transporter, allows for a more precise control over the mixes we send to AV suppliers. This provides audio engineers in a room with 800 microphones with the ability to pick the composition and grouping of the mixes we provide, leading to a finer crafted audio experience for the delegates attending and operators onsite. Our digital E-ink nameplates now allow an ease of integration of logos and other branding elements alongside a delegate's name and their title, adding an additional level of personalisation to each event that is visible during broadcast. Where has Televic been used before? Televic can be seen at installations in notable venues such as: NATO headquarters in Evere, Brussels; European Court of Justice, Luxembourg: and many other prestigious institutes throughout Europe, Asia, and America. We will be pioneering the use of Televic as a rental solution within the region, offering the same functionality and level of technicality provided by high-level institutions throughout Europe on a temporary basis.

How does this investment assist your goal of providing the most modern and comprehensive solution for clients?

We have maintained our position as market leaders and pioneers in push-to-talk and conferencing systems within the region, and continually take steps to expand and develop our services - this is not only limited to our conferencing division, as we have also expanded our stock of AV equipment, radio/ communications, and begun offering services such as autocue equipment rental and operators. Televic meets the criteria for our requirements as a rental house, and we look forward to working to provide the best experience possible to attendees in collaboration with our clients.


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DLC Events

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