Seamless Communication Revolution: Integrated Smart Audio

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Cities and companies rely on effective communication, and at Televic, we've heard them loud and clear.

People love how our Televic discussion microphones make it easy to hear and be heard.

With top-notch quality and a built-in loudspeaker on each unit, our microphones are designed to deliver a meeting experience with crystal-clear clarity.

Whether you're in the same room or joining remotely, we bring everyone together by channeling all audio through our dedicated loudspeakers on each unit. But we didn't stop there.

We listened closely to the feedback from our corporate customers, and we've addressed their number one complaint with our new Smart Audio and Control initiative. We get it — nobody wants to hassle with pressing buttons in a boardroom meeting. That's why we've introduced auto gain sharing. It's like having a virtual audio engineer adjusting the volume for you. No matter how many people start talking, the total volume remains constant.

microphones and speakers stay active

So now, all microphones and speakers stay active at all times. When only one person speaks, they get full volume while the others adjust accordingly. This clever system ensures that background noise picked up by the "silent" microphones doesn't get amplified like it would in traditional setups with fixed volumes.

This breakthrough fosters more productive and efficient meetings, enabling participants to effortlessly share their thoughts and ideas. Furthermore, our new DSP mode assigns individual microphones and loudspeakers from up to 32 conference units to individual Dante channels automatically.

Every microphone remains "live" in the conference solution, delivering unprocessed audio to Dante channels for processing in the DSP of choice. Additionally, a separate Dante channel is dedicated to addressing the built-in loudspeakers of the conference units. All of this remarkable capability is made possible through an industry-leading network configuration that utilizes non-proprietary shielded Cat-5 cabling, ensuring seamless integration and unparalleled performance.

At Televic, we're passionate about making communication effortless and enjoyable. With our smart audio solutions, meetings become more engaging, ideas flow freely, and collaboration reaches new heights.

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