Televic acquires Unite: Matthias Holz of Audio Pro shares insights

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Televic Conference interviewed Matthias Holz, Team Leader and Project Manager at Audio Pro, about their acquisition of Unite.

Matthias Holz thinks the acquisition is a great step forward for Audio Pro and presents opportunities for existing applications as well as new ones. Unite is a wireless bidirectional communication platform and has over 40 use cases making it a strong problem solver. It's the ultimate Swiss army knife, get ready for a wave of innovative communication.

Unite’s main function is to fulfill communication towards people and between people. It brings professional audio equipment on a high-end level for the market in install business as well as for the rental business. Unite not only fulfills communication needs but also complements Audio Pro's current microphone portfolio seamlessly. The relaunch of Unite by Televic opens up new markets that can be explored by Audio Pro and their partners.

Matthias Holz is convinced that Unite can be relaunched in the German market with its own unique story that has captivated professionals, rentals, and end-users alike. He emphasizes the importance of focusing on the right opportunities and use cases to help Unite grow in different markets together with their partners and Televic.

The future is looking bright with Unite and its amazing ability to solve communication problems effortlessly. Get ready for a future where communication is seamless.

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