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Televic Conference has acquired Media Vision

The company wants to expand operations in North America and Europe

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Izegem (Belgium), September 2022 – Televic Conference has acquired Media Vision to expand operations in North America and Europe.

Over the past years, Televic Conference has made considerable progress in developing its product portfolio, sales infrastructure, and partner network.  The acquisition of Media Vision will ensure that the Televic Conference team is further reinforced with specialists equipped with deep knowledge and experience in the conferencing market.

“Media Vision has a DNA that is a perfect match for Televic Conference. With their expertise in conferencing, the integration of the Media Vision team into our organization, will strengthen our existing sales, marketing, and support teams.  Joining forces gives us a unique opportunity to become more customer-centric. This is critical to foster long-term relationships with customers and partners ” says Bart Deschodt, General Manager of Televic Conference.

“It’s been a great journey to grow Media Vision across the world over the last 20 years as a conferencing expert with a global presence.”, adds Fardad Zabetian, founder and CEO of Media Vision. “I’m excited for the Media Vision team to continue to grow their expertise and passion in the conferencing environment at their new home within Televic Conference ’’

Televic Conference is fully committed to the continuity of any ongoing meetings and service contracts across all current Media Vision partners and customers.

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Thriving communities are built on the ability to talk and listen across divides. In governments, institutions, businesses, or courts worldwide, progress often depends on the constructive debate that leads to effective decisions. Televic Conference is committed to empowering decision-making through moderated meetings: live or hybrid, regardless of venue or size. Our ambition is to make sure that everyone can hear and be heard. Understand, and be understood. Because ultimately, it is society that benefits from sound and transparent deliberation.

Televic Conference has been pursuing this goal for over 50 years. These decades of experience and innovation have made us the leading expert in conferencing technology. Today we develop, manufacture, and deliver the world’s most advanced conference solutions. Solutions that harness the power to drastically enhance the intelligibility, moderation, and simultaneous interpretation of any meeting, anywhere, anytime.

Media Vision

Media Vision has been providing award-winning pro-AV solutions across Europe and North America since 2002. As a supplier of conferencing solutions, Media Vision amplifies the voices of extraordinary humans in the world’s biggest political organizations to four-person boardrooms. With 20 years of expertise, the Media Vision team crafts the perfect solution no matter how complex the design, collaboration, or audio needs of the custom

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