Flushmount units in the boardroom of the White Missionary Fathers, Rome

A strong integration between the furniture and the technologies installed


In April 2022, the council hall of the White Missionary Fathers of Africa was completed in Rome.

The hall is used by the congregation for conference sessions and council meetings.
The most important meeting of the congregation takes place every five years to elect the new
representative of the Missionary Fathers.

The congregation required a conference room (with a simultaneous translation system) and a
place to conduct voting operations during the council meetings.

The room was already being used for presentations and small group meetings, but it needed a technological upgrade as the original equipment was obsolete and undersized.

The System Integrator Decima 1948 oversaw the technological renewal of the room, working
in close collaboration with the companies Ares Line and Mason for the furnishing and
structural part.

The peculiarity of this project lies in the strong integration between the furniture and the technologies installed
Eng. Marco Trame
Decima Engineer that followed the project design and implementation
The client mostly appreciated the easy management and use of the Televic system, on the website you can find the user manual, which is simple and intuitive and the software recording function was particularly appreciated because in this way it was possible to record some sessions
Eng. Marco Trame
Decima Engineer that followed the project design and implementation

Ares Line created custom stalls for the room, while Mason was responsible for the semicircular
grandstand. This allowed Decima to quickly install Televic conference bases and distribute the
cabling in an orderly manner.

Ares Line also created a speaker counter that faces the stalls, where the return monitors are integrated. The project also included two small plasterboard rooms above the grandstand on either side, which are used as a control room and a translation booth. These spaces were designed with particular attention to acoustic insulation and compliance with the ISO 2603 standard.

To facilitate conference and voting activities, Decima chose the following Televic technologies:
• 57 Confidea F-DI delegate bases
• 1 Confidea F-CI president base
• 2 interpreter stations Lingua ID

The installation is completed by a Biamp Tesira Fortè CI matrix, which controls and integrates other technologies present in the room.


We were already familiar with these technologies because we saw them in other council contexts such as UNESCO, what pleasantly surprised us was the ease and speed of installation of the Televic bases. We had seven days available to carry out the work and we only needed five, everything worked perfectly right away. To confirm this and the simplicity of use, to date we have not received calls for assistance requests from the client
Luca Dallaturca
Sales Manager, Decima 1948.