Televic's D-Cerno System: A Transformative Upgrade for Vietnam's National Assembly

In the heart of Vietnam, where history meets modern governance, the National Assembly House stands tall, symbolizing the nation's commitment to democracy and progress.

In 2009, this architectural marvel spanning 36,000 square meters was unveiled, equipped initially with conference audio and interpretation solutions from Beyerdynamic.

However, after nearly a decade of service, the need for an upgrade became evident as the aging equipment faced challenges and

The Challenge:

The predicament was not merely technical but logistical.

The original Beyerdynamic systems were no longer in production, especially the customized conference microphone system in the main meeting hall.

The task at hand was to find replacements that not only met the high standards set by the National Assembly, but also seamlessly integrated into the existing infrastructure.

Enter AIC Group:

In 2012, AIC Group took on the responsibility of introducing Televic's conference products to Vietnam, marking the beginning of a transformative partnership.

Fast forward to 2023, AIC is now the exclusive distributor of Televic conference solutions in the country, further solidifying their commitment to cutting-edge technology in audio-visual and IT systems.

The Solution:

The challenge presented a unique opportunity for AIC to showcase the superiority of Televic’s D-Cerno Conference System.

The specifications were demanding: reputable global brands, state of the art digital technology, zero mobile-phone interference, impeccable sound quality, user friendliness,
and seamless third-party integration. AIC's expertise in operating the AVCS in the National Assembly House positioned them as the ideal guide for the investor.

After winning the contract against other competitors, AIC facilitated the installation of the D-Cerno system in the Lotus Guest Room of the National Assembly House on July 20th, 2023. This marked the debut of Televic's cutting-edge technology in the esteemed halls of Vietnamese governance.


The Impact:

The D-Cerno system quickly became an integral part of crucial meetings and diplomatic discussions at the National Assembly, playing a pivotal role in key diplomatic discussions worldwide, fostering collaboration among world leaders, and contributing to the effective management of global challenges.

The National Assembly House, often seen as a benchmark for other government bodies, ministries, and provinces, now sets its standards with Televic’s conference system.

This not only marks a significant milestone for Televic but also opens doors for future collaborations and expansions within the facility. The project has not only met the technical demands but has become a catalyst for Televic to increase its market share in Vietnam.

In the vibrant landscape of Vietnam's political arena, Televic’s D-Cerno Conference System, championed by AIC Group, has seamlessly integrated itself as the audio-visual backbone of the National Assembly House.

The success of this project not only exemplifies the adaptability and reliability of Televic’s technology, but also sets a new standard for conference solutions, ensuring that the voice of Vietnam resonates with clarity and distinction on the global stage.

Systems Used in the VIP guest rooms of the National Assembly of Vietnam:
• D-Cerno CUR x 2pcs
• D-Cerno D SL x 28pc
• D-Cerno C SL x 4pcs
• D-Mic 40 SL x 32pcs