The first Confidea FLEX G4 wireless conference system in France

The ‘Écrin’ (French for jewellery box) is a multifunctional event venue in the town of Talant, located in the heart of the Bourgogne-Franche-Comté region and bordering the city of Dijon. The Ecrin is an intimate and warm performance hall with a rich and eclectic program, but also the ideal place for professional events such as congresses, seminars, exhibitions, and conferences. The venue’s multipurpose ‘Saint-Exupéry’ room is also used for Talant’s city council meetings.

Wireless solution needed

For the AV equipment of the Saint-Exupéry room, stage manager Philip Blandin and his team wanted a conferencing system that offered adequate voting options for the city council, but would also support the multipurpose character of the room. Together with Emmanuel Fisch, Director of Technical Services for the City of Talant, the team selected Televic’s Confidea FLEX G4 Wireless solution, proposed by AV integrator FA Musique. Concretely the room was equipped with 40 Confida FLEX G4 wireless tabletop units. This way the Ecrin became the first venue in France to install a Confidea FLEX G4 wireless conferencing system.

Advanced voting options

One of the features that convinced the team to choose Televic’s solution, was the easy integration of an electronic voting system, including the possibility to export automated voting reports directly from the meeting management software. This is only one of the reasons why the Ecrin team chose to use Televic’s Confero Plan management software to create agendas and meetings. Meeting and voting participants identify themselves directly on their conferencing unit using their personal RFID badge.

Ultimate flexibility

A second important argument to select Televic’s best-in-class wireless conferencing solutions, was the ultimate flexibility and multifunctionality of the system. All 40 units and accessories can be easily stored in a flight case. Whenever needed, they can be quickly set up in the Saint-Exupéry room, but also in other room within the Ecrin or even at other venues. The team offers the use of its Confidea FLEX G4 systems whenever there is a need to organize moderated discussions with or without voting.

Dual battery system

Designed for portability, Confidea G4 Wireless offers a highly smart battery management system. Each wireless unit comes with a compact Li-ion battery that offers 12 hours of autonomy on a 2-hour charge. For even longer up-time, a second battery can be added in a dual compartment.

Recording and streaming

With support of Televic Conference’s technical support team, the Ecrin’s Saint-Exupéry room is also set up to facilitate recording and streaming thanks to an integrated motorized camera. The city of Talant uses this functionality to broadcast its city council meetings live on YouTube.

“When we were looking for a conference solution, Televic’s Confidea FLEX G4 wireless was a brand-new product. We were immediately impressed by the automated voting reports and the dual battery system, offering an extended battery life of the units.”
Philip Blandin
stage manager for the Ecrin


40 Confida FLEX G4 wireless tabletop units