Advanced Integration Tools

Traditionally, conference systems were self-contained ecosystems that provided a summed output of the microphones from the entire system.

While this is a viable solution in certain circumstances, many AV designs need more fine grained audio processing and control capabilities.

The Advanced Integration Tools of Televic Conference allow integrators to gain full control the setup and configuration of the conferencing system.

  • Full control of all components
  • Quick & Easy integration
  • Compatible with market standards

DSP Mode

DSP mode automatically assigns individual microphones and loudspeakers from up to 32 wired conference units to individual Dante channels. All microphones are active in the conference solution and release unprocessed audio to Dante channels so it can be sent to your DSP for processing as required. Individual Dante channels are also provided for each built-in loudspeaker of the conference units. This gives designers the capability to use the Televic Conference system as if they were standard microphone and speakers within their preferred DSP design allowing them full control such as adding AEC to each microphone, EQ specific units, group speakers as a zone and much more.


  Read the Biamp Reference Case here  

Audio Configuration

The Televic Confero Advanced Audio system is a web-based application that offers the capability to quickly and easily group and route audio within the Televic conferencing system. This allows integrators to not only easily create groups of input & output components such as microphones, auxiliary channels or Dante channels, but also provides the necessary tools to easily integrate with external systems such as UC environments like Teams & Zoom, court recording applications or RSI platforms. These audio routing capabilities make it easier to create a custom audio path but also reduce costs as less dedicated audio channels need to be used.


Confero API

The Confero API allows integrators to fully control all components and features within the Televic conferencing system. This API uses secure communication over HTTPS which guarantees confidentiality, authenticity and privacy of the user. The protocol is divided into multiple modules allowing for a granular and easy to understand control of the system features.


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