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The Challenge: Enhancing Communication for Hybrid Meetings

In the FAF (Financial Accounting Foundation) Executive Boardroom, an array of challenges posed obstacles to seamless meetings.


The hurdles? Poor audio quality and unreliable video tracking for remote participants in hybrid meetings via Teams, Zoom, WebEx, etc. Picture a vast, elongated, and sub-divisible space with tricky acoustics and line-of-sight issues.

Previous attempts to address these hurdles fell short, relying on ceiling-mounted microphones and speakers alone, while struggling to have precision video tracking.

The Solution: Televic’s Conference System Technology

Televic stepped in with a game-changing solution tailored to overcome these obstacles. The Confidea FLEX conference microphone system, equipped with 74 conference units and the CoCon system software, transformed the audio experience.


By placing the microphones closer to the speakers, audio capture quality underwent a dramatic improvement. The onboard loudspeakers on the FLEX units added a local sound field, seamlessly integrated with the overhead speaker system to enhance audio distribution and minimize feedback issues. With the CoCon software's audio routing capabilities through Dante, maximum flexibility became the norm.


These enhancements not only benefited participants in the room but also elevated the audio quality for remote attendees, wherever they may be. Televic's granular API became a crucial component, enabling detailed system status information to be shared with multiple pan-tilt-zoom camera systems, and allowing for various camera presets per microphone position, ensuring seamless video tracking. This API communication also became the key to being able to seamlessly combine or separate the room from one large space into two smaller spaces from an AV control system.

The Result: A greatly enhanced meeting experience

The end result is a high-quality audio and video management system that provides clarity and intelligibility with reliable video tracking for hybrid meetings using cloud-based platforms.

The improved functionality and user experience in this meeting space has ensured that the investment in Televic technology was a wise decision.

A quote from the integrator that installed this system was “Your system is working perfectly.  I wish I could say the same for the other equipment going into this project!”.


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