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Scalable wireless conferencing system for large rooms in Île De France

For France’s largest regional council, Televic set up a scalable conferencing system with wireless meeting technology and advanced language and voting management.


Setting up a flexible and scalable conferencing system for France’s largest regional council.

The Regional Council of Île de France is the deliberative assembly of the French region Île-de-France. Being the largest regional council in France, this government body needed to equip its location near the Docks of Saint-Ouen in Seine-Saint-Denis to accommodate conferences and meetings for several hundred people.

2 large conference rooms with specific requirements

To adequately serve its conferencing and meeting needs, the Regional Council of Île de France wanted to equip two conference rooms, the Hemicycle and the multipurpose room. The sheer size, capacity and ambitious technical requirements turned the project into a challenge that took several years of preparation.


Ultimate wireless scalability with advanced conferencing functions

The impressive Hemicycle conference room alone needed a conferencing solution with an advanced technical control room to manage 250 conference stations. All with complete Dante capabilities, 4-button voting, Braille accessibility, the possibility to select the language, and a multimedia chairman station for the president. In addition, a wireless system with the same capabilities was requested for the multi-purpose room with 80 stations.


Plixus: Televic’s flexible and scalable conferencing system

To best meet the demand, Televic proposed a Plixus system with a very flexible and scalable architecture. The Plixus central multimedia unit can manage all the conference stations and offer impeccable audio quality thanks to its Dante compatibility. In addition, the fully redundant cabling ensures a flawless reliability of the solution.

The Plixus Engine was coupled with Televic’s Cocon software to offer the Regional Council’s operators an intuitive meeting management interface. The modular CoCon modules allow for easy management of agendas, configuration of electronic voting, speech times, attendance, mandates, etc. Ideal for complex multilingual meetings.

Advanced speech time management and automated camera tracking

For this project Televic paid particular attention to the management of speaking time. Each group or fraction can be granted a dedicated speaking time for each topic on the agenda. And depending on the delegate's profile and seat, special speaking time options are available. Various information is displayed throughout the meeting using CoCon signage. Together with automatic camera tracking and simultaneous interpreting solutions, this helps to automate the meeting management workflow and limit the need for operator intervention.

In a nutshell, the final solution includes:

  • Customized delegate units with Braille on each button, finished in a specific RAL
  • 4 voting buttons labeled YES, NO, ABST, NPPV with colored LEDs for efficiency
  • Contactless badge reader for identification, microphone access and voting authentication, compatible with the building’s access system
  • Language channel selector with volume control
  • Dedicated chairperson's unit with 7" touch screen, 4 dedicated buttons and a microphone
  • 3 interpreting booths with ISO-20109 compliant equipment (the latest standard for simultaneous interpreting equipment)

Operators at the Regional Council of Île de France are pleased with the solution:

"The CoCon software meets our needs perfectly. It allows us to prepare almost everything in advance but remains flexible enough to enable quick changes during the meeting.”


1 custom-made uniCOS multimedia unit (chairperson)
277 custom-made Confidea F-DIV units (delegates)
3 interpreter booths

2 custom-made wireless Confidea G3 units (chairpersons)
78 custom-made wireless Confidea G3 units (delegates)


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