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Futureproof boardroom for the VUB university

The Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) is a Belgian university that strives for sustainable and state-of-the art technologies in the field of audiovisual solutions. In addition to an audiovisual makeover for 14 classrooms, the university also teamed up with integrator Axians and Televic to futureproof the meeting technology in the boardroom.

The heart of the university’s decision-making

The university’s boardroom or council chamber is reserved for all statutory councils and boards: the university council, the board of directors, the academic council, the research council, the education council, innovation and valorization, the executive committee, and all different council meetings at faculty level.

This beating heart of the university’s decision-making bodies deserved to be equipped with the adequate technology to facilitate streamlined meetings and debates. The university’s AV team opted for a state-of-the-art multimedia conferencing system, with a Televic UniCOS unit for every individual seat. This way each meeting participant can not only enjoy Televic’s well-known audio quality for optimal intelligibility, but also follow the meeting agenda and all related documents on a personal touchscreen. For aesthetic reasons, all units are seamlessly integrated into the boardroom furniture.

Hybrid solution

When VUB was forced to switch to hybrid meeting set-ups due to the COVID pandemic, Televic’s CoCon meeting management software allowed for an easy integration of a Teams meeting solution into the system. This allowed VUB to virtually continue its importants board and council meetings without any major issues.

Meeting management and camera tracking

In terms of meeting management, the preparation and organization of the meetings is done by the secretaries to the different boards and councils. This way, the president can fully concentrate on presiding and moderating the meetings. All preparations and meeting management activities can be done by logging into the CoCon software module. The system also steers 4 point-tilt-zoom cameras in the room, that automatically zoom in on the person that activates his or her microphone or request-to-speak button. This automatic camera tracking solution has especially proven its value for the frequent hybrid meetings and can also be used to facilitate live streams.

The new audiovisual lay-out of our boardroom proves its success, if only by the growing number of requests we are getting to use the room for additional purposes. On occasion, we have already allowed it to be used for specific events, such as live streamed debates.
Dries Peeters
Audiovisual Assistance Coordinator at Vrije Universiteit Brussel



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