Televic Conference Conference Solutions European Council, Brussels, Belgium

The Europa building, the beating heart of the EU council in Brussels, Belgium

Case study about the multilingual conferencing technology for the EU Council based in Brussels, Belgium

The European Council defines the EU's overall political direction and priorities and sets the EU's policy agenda. It usually adopts 'conclusions' during European Council meetings, which identify issues of concern and actions to take. The EU Council holds its meetings in the brand-new Europa building. Shaped like a lantern inside a cube, this building unites form and function and has become a political and architectural icon since it opened for work in 2017. This is where Europe's presidents, prime ministers and ministers meet to discuss and decide the issues that are essential to the European Union's future.

A place of work with specific needs

From the outside, the Europa building is a symbol of political hope and unity. From the inside the ‘lantern’ is a place of activity and work. Today , the Europa building responds to the specific needs of the European Council, providing the necessary level of security, and reflects the concept of sustainable development, both in the materials and technologies used.

Flexible multilingual conferencing

In terms of conferencing infrastructure, the building has 3 main meetings rooms, varying in size (330, 150 and 80 seats). In addition, there are 10 other meeting rooms, 3 catering and reception areas and 1 room with 120 seats for press and public relations activities.

Plixus architecture for flexibility and redundancy

In search of a state-of-the-art conferencing solution, the EU Council rigorously chose to implement the unique flexibility and redundancy offered by Televic’s Plixus architecture. This system offers the council the security and comfort of a dedicated conferencing network that integrates every room with a centralized room management system. Operators can rely on Televic’s CoCon software suite to manage every meeting smoothly.

Advanced chairman and delegate units

All seats in the meeting rooms are equipped with Televic’s Confidea Flex wired tabletop conferencing units. This versatile device adapts to all types of meetings through flexible software licenses. From simple discussion to complex multilingual meetings and voting options, you can activate or deactivate functions, and switch between chairperson and delegate mode by just tapping a button. The unit comes with a 5.2" touch screen for dynamic information, an integrated speaker, a microphone connector, an NFC badge reader, microphone buttons with hidden LED lights, braille guides and Bluetooth support to connect devices for hearing impaired people. The possibility to hot swap the units offers optimal flexibility in terms of meeting configuration.

Simultaneous interpretation

As multilingualism is of the essence for the EU Council’s meetings, the main meeting rooms dispose of at least 32 interpreter boots and up to 40 interpretation channels for simultaneous translation. The interpreters enjoy the working comfort of Televic’s latest ISO compliant Lingua ID interpreter desks, and language distribution is easily manageable thanks to our highly secure infrared technology.



Televic Conference Conference Solutions European Council, Brussels, Belgium
Televic Conference Conference Solutions European Council, Brussels, Belgium
Televic Conference Conference Solutions European Council, Brussels, Belgium
Televic Conference Conference Solutions European Council, Brussels, Belgium


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