The IP amplifier is part of Televic GSP’s TRACS audio platform. It contains highly efficient class-D amplifiers that can drive four separate loudspeaker branches for zoned Public Address functions.

The TRACS AMP is connected to the on-board Ethernet backbone through its IP interface. Optionally, a second digital interface can be cabled to support a fully redundant digital fallback mode. This digital fallback mode enables an unprecedented availability of the Public Address functionality. 

A UIC568 or APTA27-point interface is also available to support Public Address via analog train lines as an alternative, including a direct connection in case of processor failure.

The unique stackable concept of TRACS allows mounting extension modules for additional functionality such as more loudspeaker branches or extra audio interfaces.  


  • Optimized power consumption and thermal design. 
  • Automatic volume control based on ambient noise measurement through the loudspeaker branches. 
  • 10Wrms per output (x4). 
  • 50Wpeak per output (x4) supporting high dynamic audio. range and enabling high STI value at maximum output power.
  • Optional second power supply for redundancy or additional power.
  • Optional digital fallback network independent from Ethernet. backbone with integrated PoE Power Sourcing Equipment to. power other Televic GSP devices.
  • Optional analog UIC568 or APTA27-point interface for Public. Address, including direct train line connectivity with. programmable gain in case of processor failure.



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