Network Video Recorders

The Televic GSP Network Video Recorders belongs to the Passenger Surveillance System’s family of devices for the on-board railway environment.

These fully digital recorders are IP devices with a front removable drive caddy. By offering a comprehensive oversight of on-board activity, the system reduces risks and increases passenger safety.

Network Video Recorders benefits 

  1. Flexible storage and archive possibilities. 
  2. Local and remote access to video footage.
  3. Compact design with numerous mounting options.
  4. Fully configurable to suit your video recording needs.
  5. Cost-effective up-to-date technology. 

Network Video Recorders Features

  • Modular SSD and HDD storage options.
  • Front removable caddy for easy hardware archiving of footage.
  • Robust aluminium enclosure,  for 19”rack or flange mount.
  • Records video of up to 32 cameras.
  • Management of pre-and post-recording.
  •  Multiple individually configurable ring- buffers e.g. for event recording».
  • Write protection of event-related recordings.
  • Multi-level H264 recording.
  • Health monitoring.
  • Power save management.
  • Central management via VAPSoft, FIM or LiveCoM Suite.
  • Automatic temperature monitoring of harddrive.
  • Analog audio input.
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