LED Displays

LiveLED, our latest generation of LED displays, delivers visual messages with high brightness and contrast levels.

Our LED displays are available in various sizes and inform passengers about train destinations, line numbers, car numbers, and other journey-related information.  

Integrated with the Content Management module of LiveCoM Suite, the content is entirely end-user customizable, enabling the evolution of the Passenger Information System with time. For example, sharing additional content with passengers, changing logos, adding video content, etc.

The LiveLED product range consists of monochrome amber and white, full RGB, color blocks, high and low resolution, double-sided and low profile displays to provide a product matching the interiors and requirements of your project. 

LiveLED is designed for seamless integration with other on-board and wayside systems. In combination with our LiveCoM Suite it provides the most powerful solution available for automated and live messaging as well as remote control via the operational control center and mobile applications.  

BENEFITS of LED Displays 

1. Visual quality

Our displays have excellent contrast and sunlight readability; high-quality rendering; bright colors and smooth animations.

2. High reliability

​​​​​​​Proven long lifetime in challenging railway conditions, optimized thermal performance, high-quality LEDs for energy-efficiency and long service life, wide operating temperature range from -40°C to +70°C, reliability growth program .

3. Variability

 Is fully customizable. You can choose from monochrome amber and white, full RGB, color blocks, high and low-resolution, double-sided displays, low profile displays to match any interior and any requirement.

4. Designed to optimize TCO

 Our system is efficient during the full product lifecycle. It is easy to integrate, commission, install and maintain.  It has daisy chain capability without need for addressing straps or configuration. Furthermore, it offers real-time bad LED check enabling preventive maintenance to ensure continuous device operation.  A toolset to support commissioning, advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting is available.  

5. Operator in control

​​​​​​​Keep full control over content during the entire product lifecycle via the seamless integration with LiveCoM Suite. 

LED Displays Features 

  • Excellent contrast and sunlight readability, bright colors. 
  • High quality rendering and slow scrolling without artefacts.  
  • Automated brightness control.  
  • High quality LEDs for energy-efficiency and long service life. 
  • Daisy chain capability without need for addressing straps or configuration.   
  • Robust, high endurance housings, slim designs.  
  • Anti-reflective or anti-glare tempered glass. 
  • Real-time bad LED check. 
  • Extended logging and system health diagnostics capabilities. 
  • Secure software updates and secure maintenance. 
  • Easy integration in PIS and back office ITCS systems (e.g. LiveCoM Suite, DB RIS, ETC DatNet). 



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