Guard Operating Panel

The GOP is part of Televic GSP’s TRACS audio platform. It is used by the crew to perform Public Address, crew intercom and passenger intercom. 

The TRACS GOP is connected to the on-board Ethernet backbone through its IP interface. Optionally, a second digital interface can be cabled to support a fully redundant digital fallback mode. This digital fallback mode enables an unprecedented level of availability of audio functionality.

The keypad interface can drive up to 8 LEDs and 8 pushbuttons to support a variety of audio functions such as internal PA, local PA, external Public Address (PA) right, external PA left, driver call, and crew & passenger calls. The keypad layout and text can be customized to meet project-specific requirements.

Guard Operating Panel FEATURES

  • Optimized power consumption and thermal design.
  • Powered via PoE Type 1 802.3at Class 0.
  • Superior audio quality by means of advanced audio quality enhancement algorithms.
  • Noise suppression & full duplex intercom capable.
  • Optional digital fallback network independent from Ethernet backbone including power.
  • Interface to switch-off of nearby loudspeakers during Public Address.



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